Custom Leather and Wood

Flat Card Wallet

The Flat Card Wallet is my flagship design, and was the first design I produced when I began leatherworking. Unsatisfied with many of the thicker wallet options available, and still needing the ability to carry folded bills, I set forth to create a unique design that straddles the realms of compact and functional.

What came about was a simple design that fulfills these requirements, and still looks great. The two outer pockets are capable of holding 3-4 cards each, while the inner pocket allows for the storage of additional cards or folded bills. The inset pocket design also allows for beautiful color combinations, with the card pockets contrasting against the base leather of the inner pocket that extends to the outer edges.

FCW 2.jpg
FCW 3.jpg
FCW 1.jpg
FCW-V1 2.jpg
FCW-V1 1.jpg
FCW-V1 3.jpg
FCW-V1 4.jpg